Farm Loop Christian Center


Go therefore and make disciples...

Matthew 28:19

our Mission

Let me tell you a little about Farm Loop Christian Center to give you an idea of who we are.  We are a non-denominational Bible church.  We are committed to teaching the life principles of Scripture in ways that help us learn to live the Christian life.

We are a church that is committed to what we call 'Connection'. First we want to connect to God through faith in Jesus Christ God's Son.  Second we connect to our biological families. Third we connect to our church family and finally we connect in our mutual future.

We are a people who are working to live out our 'core  values' and to relate to one another in loving and biblical ways. We believe that people today need a place of love, acceptance, and restoration.  Essentially we want to give all people the second chance we all had.  We believe everyone needs and should be offered a new start.
I guess that about says it. If you would like to visit any of our ministries we would be glad to meet you.

Pastor John

our Vision

The Vision of Farm Loop Christian center is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in as many ways possible to turn non-believers into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into servant-leaders who will reach others for Jesus Christ.
We believe that fulfilling our purpose is dependent on four areas of spiritual growth and opportunity. These four areas are edification, equipping, evangelism and extension. All of these areas are part of the process of discipleship.